News & Announcements
09/23/18 Wonderful Grand Reception yesterday in Medina!   Pictures HERE. 09/01/18 The first issue of our newsletter, “The Key To Everything” is now online! SEE IT HERE. 7/26/18 Rainbow Music Available! Just wanted to share the news that if you have the problem that many of us do---there is no girl or adult available to provide instrumental music in your assembly--we have a suggestion for you. Some of you may remember this, but in 2002 Colorado Grand Assembly produced a CD of lovely piano music. It contains all the initiation music, Star Spangled Banner, Blest be the Tie, The Rainbow Song, and much appropriate marching and installation music such as Rainbow Connection, Disney favorites, etc. I checked with Colorado's Supreme Deputy and it is still available! Cost is $15 plus $2 shipping. Contact the SD at She did say if you let her know before Supreme she would bring them to Supreme Assembly and send home with Mom Whitney to save you the shipping. Music adds so much to our meetings and assemblies. I think this is well worth the small investment. Just putting that out there as an option for all. 7/15/18 Another wonderful Grand Assembly!   Congratulations to the 2017-18 Grand Officers on a job well done!   The ritualistic work was very impressive!  And as we welcome our corp of new Grand Officers for 2018-19, we wish for them the very best for the ensuing year!   Congratulations on your election or appointments to your new position! 8/24/01 As you may know, a beautiful quilt was made to replace the old wooden United For Youth sign that hung in our Grand Assembly room for thirty years!  For pictures, a history of the original sign, and a copy of the letter detailing construction and detail of the new qilt CLICK HERE
11/18/18 Another great Grand Reception!   For pictures CLICK HERE. 11/76/18 The second edition of “The Key to Everything” is now available!  HERE 1/4/18 Great fun was had by all at the Tri-Youth event yesterday! 10/20/18 10 new members were initiated at the State Initiation in Marysville today.  Congratulations girls! 10/11/18 The 2019 choir music is now available.   The first practice will be at the State Initiation on Oct. 20 in Marysville. CLICK HERE.